Friday, 23 August 2013

Masks and music

Well, this blog writing lark is harder than it looks - so I have been spending time honing my word skills with a few crosswords:

Huge thanks to Barbara who regularly tops up the supply!

All the children joined in for another craft workshop - masks were very popular this time and some of the cat ones reminded me of my relatives in the wild - Auntie Pearl always did overdo it a bit with the eyeliner:

Meanwhile, back in the UK at the Green Man festival, Louis was also busy running some toy hacking sessions (must run in the family!) You can see some of the creations here - 

The humans have been very busy with all the work to keep the site running smoothly, but they have also found time for some "extra-curricular" activity. Marc's band - The Boogie Brothers - have done a few gigs now and have 2 more lined up next week. Friday night was Le Boulve where a fine time was had by all and everyone was up and dancing well into the night:

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